A project using computer vision to identify the top 10 most common bird species encountered in New Zeland's forests.

List of identifable birds

  1. Bellbird/korimako
  2. Blackbird
  3. Chaffinch
  4. Fantail/pīwakawaka
  5. Grey warbler
  6. Kererū/New Zealand wood pigeon
  7. Rifleman
  8. Silver eye/wax-eye
  9. Tomtit
  10. Tūī


  • The list of 10 birds to identify is taken from New Zealand's Department of Conservation's online course.
  • The model has an ~95% accuracy rate and will return the classification with the highest prediction number.
  • A prediction number of e.g. 0.4116642 means the model is 41% confident in its prediction, so not at all confident.
  • If you upload an image of a cat, the prediction will be which of the 10 known birds the cat most resembles (according to the model).
  • This project was completed as an early part of Fast.ai's deep learning course (v3).
  • The default home image is from Ashleigh Thompson/Wikimedia Commmons.
  • A project by Kristin Wilson. Technical details at Making Bird.Id.